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What does it take to be Dubai’s most requested beautician? – Part 2

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In this edition of “a day in the life”, we revisit Dubai’s most requested beautician.  Last time we heard her story we learned of her day-to-day life in Dubai. This time, she tells us about future plans and experiences in her native India.

 Last time we caught up, you told me about how you came to Dubai and your family. How was your summer and what are you looking forward to now?

 It was fantastic to go home and see all our family. Usually we go for around a month, but this time we only went for two weeks.

Do you have less vacation time this year?

No, it’s the same as usual but this time we’ve split it into two blocks. We’re going back in January as well as my sister got engaged, so they’re having the wedding at home in our village which we’re all really looking forward to.

Awesome! Is he also from India or will his family have to travel to yours for the wedding?

My sister and I are from a tiny area in the North of India. There aren’t many people from there living in Dubai.  Amazingly her fiancé is from the next village, and they didn’t know each other at all before meeting here in the UAE.

What an amazing chance.  So are you now spending a lot of time planning and looking at things she needs for the wedding?

Yes, there’s more choice in Dubai so she’s getting things like shoes here and we’ll be dragging them all back!

That’s good of you! Is it easy for you to get home? Is there a direct flight?

Unfortunately not – it’s a four hour flight from Dubai to Delhi, then another four hour domestic flight from Delhi to near where we live, and then someone has to pick us up and drive another hour.

Ouch. Sounds a bit like the journey I have to make to visit my parents! Could you take a train from Delhi instead?

Don’t get me started on the train! When we first decided to move to Dubai, we didn’t have enough money for the domestic flight, so we took the train to Delhi. It took SIX FULL DAYS to get there. You don’t have anywhere decent to sleep, just a seat. And you and your friends can’t all sleep at the same time, because people will rob your bags, or worse. The train is really dangerous in India, and because it’s always moving, it’s hard for the police to catch the criminals. Honestly, I would rather not visit at all than have to take the train again. I tell everyone who is planning to visit not to take it.

OK, so you definitely don’t recommend the train! Will anything else change when your sister gets married – will she leave?

No, they’re planning on staying here in Dubai. They haven’t decided what to do about living arrangements yet. If she moves out of our current place it’s fine, I have a lot of other friends where I live– mostly from Thailand as we like to cook the same sort of things. I think life will stay pretty much the same.

What does the future look like in terms of work for you?

Work is good, I’m always very busy! The salon is launching a microblading service very soon, so I’ve been training for that. I’m really looking forward to doing something different and expanding my skills. Even back in Northern India people are starting to be very interested in this service so it’s great that I will be able to do it. If I ever want to go home I think I’ll have lots of clients!

What does it take to be Dubai’s most requested beautician?

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In this new “day in the life” series we have interviewed low-income migrant workers around Dubai to understand about their lifestyle, why they’re here and their prospects for the future. Today we speak to a beautician from India.

How did you hear about working in Dubai?

My sister and I both trained to be beauticians in India. My sister heard you could earn more doing the same things in Dubai, and her friend helped her to get a job working for one of the best salons here. A year later, I followed her to work for the same company.  Eight years later, my sister and I are still here.

What’s your schedule like each day?

I work 12 hours a day, usually 10am to 10pm. I’m the top requested person in the salon so I usually have a full day of appointments, mostly waxing. I can do all treatments but people say it’s not painful when I wax them, so that’s the top thing I get booked for! My clients are very loyal- I know them well and enjoy chatting to them, so the day passes quickly.

Do you get to see your sister much? How do you spend your time?

We share an apartment in Al Quoz provided by our company. We work in different salons but the company makes sure we get the same day off, and we travel to work on the same bus. We’re usually tired by our day off, so we’ll sleep in for a while! We try to go to church every other week, and we go to the mall, or the cinema.

What’s your company like to work for?

We work hard but we are loyal to the company because they are loyal to us. Like tomorrow we have a party, which is Great Gatsby theme. We’ve all got new shiny dresses. There will be around 500 people, which will be a lot of fun.

How often do you go back to India to see your family?

We get 30 days of leave each summer, sometimes more if you worked overtime in busy times like Eid, Christmas and New Year. Usually my sister and I go back to India, but this year, we brought our parents to see Dubai instead. It was hot but they loved it. We went to Dubai Parks, saw the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. They’ll come back.

Do you send money back to your family every month? Can you afford to save money for yourself as well?

Yes, we’re supporting our parents and younger brothers through university. One of our brothers might come to Dubai if he can get an IT job when he graduates. I don’t always save for long things like a house…. I have paid for myself to get other things I wanted though, like orthodontic braces! Haha.

Will you move back to India eventually and settle down?

When I first came to Dubai, I thought it would just be for two or three years, but now I’m not sure. It’s lovely to visit home, but the people there haven’t left or explored the world much. I think I’d get bored living at home now I’ve been independent in Dubai all this time; I’ve changed. My parents want me to choose the person I’ll marry and I don’t think the right guy is there at home for me. My sister met a guy in Dubai and I think they’ll get married and stay here. Maybe one day I will too!