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General information

NOW Money will only charge for the WPS payment, which is 50fils per employee. There are no hidden charges for our service provided to you or your employees.

There are no charges for using the NOW Money application or card. We clearly show charges for money transfers and other services on our application. These are the only charges that employees will have.

Their mobile application will notify the employees of their salary, payments made, and the statuses of any money transfers and other transactions.

When you upload your payment file NOW Money performs initial checks on the file

Through your portal access you can upload your salary payment, all details required for your salary file can also be found in your portal. When you upload your file NOW Money will check for any errors in the initial upload to reduce the risk of the file being rejected.

We have a team that speak a collective total of 10 languages that are here to support with any issues and to answer any questions.

We provide a range of services for employees and corporates:
– A digital portal for corporates for payroll services
– A mobile application for employees”

We provide templates for the salary files to be completed and uploaded into your portal. When the file is uploaded we run basic checks to ensure that your files have no minor errors to reduce the risk of the file being rejected. We do also have a client success team that are there for support with the salary payments, and any other issues you face with the portal.

We have a toll-free number, 800 669 66639, that everyone can call to receive support.

Generally payment will be paid out immediately to all employees cards.

NOW Money will handle the delivery of the cards for your employees. We will make sure that all employees will get onsite training on the NOW Money app so that they are aware of the product and what is available to them. We will also help your employees set up their accounts and activate their cards.

Your workforce will be able to access competitive charges for sending money home to their families. We also have multiple different options for sending the money home that they can choose from at the tap of a button.

We are partnered with Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD).

We take security very seriously, we are compliant with all financial UAE regulations.

About us

NOW Money is a company utilising financial technology to provide branchless accounts to everyone – especially those currently unbanked – in the Middle East. We’re PCI compliant and partner with entities in the UAE which are licensed and supervised by the Central Bank. The company’s vision is to be the best financial services company in the Middle East in the eyes of our customers, and to provide access to accounts for all.

Our headquarters are in Dubai, UAE, however we are currently expanding across GCC countries.

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NOW Money is primarily for employees earning AED 5,000 per month or less, but we can cater for all salary levels. Please get in touch to find out how we can help you or your employees.

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NOW Money works with employers who  transfer the salaries of their low-income employees into a NOW Money account. The employee’s NOW Money account is completely free for them to use, offers them a full range of services – and connection to the financial system.

It is completely free for companies.

There are WPS and non-WPS solutions available.

The technology was built in-house by our talented team of developers.

Firstly – it’s free! But if you need more convincing you should know that NOW Money makes it easy to pay employees and individuals, and gives them access to accounts and banking in the UAE – often for the first time. NOW Money customers benefit from a remittance marketplace, meaning they can transfer money back to their families using the cheapest and/or most convenient choice for them.

You can call 800 NOW Money (669 66639), email info@nowmoney.me or talk to someone on live chat. Account holders can also use in-app chat.

At the moment NOW Money is only available for employees of companies who choose to use it as a salary payment service. Individual accounts will be available in the near future.

NOW Money is primarily for employees earning AED 5,000 or less, however we can cater for a range of salary levels. Please get in touch to find out more.

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It depends what process you use to pay your staff. The most you will need to provide is an up-to-date staff list.

Yes, we offer a solution for all companies in the UAE.

Contact us

If you have a complaint or feedback we would like to hear from you immediately to see how we can improve. Please contact customer services using one of the below methods.

800 NOW Money (669 66639), info@nowmoney.me, live chat

Information for account holders

We don’t charge any fees for using NOW Money day-to-day and there is no monthly account fee. We have no hidden charges. Account holders get 2 free ATM withdrawals per month and 2 free ATM balance enquiries. Their MasterCard payment card is free to use for unlimited POS transactions and online purchases. The in-app features and support are also completely free.

Will account holders be charged for ATM withdrawals? Are there any other ATM fees?

There is no minimum balance.

Account holders can see their transaction history in the app and can request a full statement if they wish.

Request a statement

At the moment you cannot pay a cheque into a NOW Money account.

Yes, we have an easy and convenient system for money transfer. Account holders can use any credit or debit card to top up from another account.

Transferring money abroad has never been easier. The app has a remittance marketplace where account holders can choose from a whole host of FX partners, and hundreds of payout partners across the world. The whole transaction takes just a few minutes to complete and the process is completed from start to finish using a smartphone.

Cards can be used in shops and ATMs in the UAE or worldwide, and also for online transactions.

Account holders get two free withdrawals per month from any ATM.

We try to keep fees as low as we possibly can. We will give 2 free balance enquiries using any ATM and any further will be charged AED 1.

If an account holder has lost their card it’s not a problem, they can freeze it until found to ensure it doesn’t get used fraudulently. If the card isn’t found account holders can order a new card and will be dispatched within 48 hours.

Account holders should freeze their card immediately to protect their money, then order a replacement card. Ordering a replacement is not a problem.

Usually NOW Money is used as a way for employers to pay salaries, so it would be unusual for an account holder to wish to close their account. However, an account holder can close their account if they want to. We would suggest account holders contact their employer before closing it.

Account holders have their own FAQ section in the NOW Money app, which can be found under “Help & Support” in the menu and they can call or use in-app chat at any time.