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Information for Investors

We’re always open to exploring opportunities.

Multiple Investors

As one of the Middle East’s leading startups, NOW Money raises funding from a variety of sources to grow its presence in the region. NOW Money was the first FinTech start-up in the GCC to raise funding from US Venture Capital firms and has relationships with private investors, family offices, and Venture Capital funds from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, US, and UK amongst others.

Investment Proposition

  • Mobile, branchless, fee-free accounts in the GCC for the first time
  • Strong relationships with regulators and key regional stakeholders
  • The first fully licensed digital remittance solution for the GCC’s $100bn+ p.a. outbound remittance market
  • UAE royal sponsorship
  • Strong relationships with regulators and key regional stakeholders
  • Inspiring and experienced leadership team

Contact us about Investment

NOW Money periodically undertakes venture funding rounds. If you are an investor interested in getting to know NOW Money from an investment perspective, please get in touch.

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