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Take control of your
finances with a
NOW Money mobile
bank account.

With no minimum balance required,
NOW Money Mobile Bank is a safe and secure digital
bank account with VISA card.

NOW Money VISA card and a screenshot of the NOW Money mobile app.

Easy | Fast | Secure

We make it easy to get paid and send money home to your loved ones.

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Partnered with Commercial Bank of Dubai.

The Bank Account You

You work hard for the people you love and the money you send home to family each month can be a lifeline.

With NOW Money you’ll spend less time, energy and fees on managing your finances.

Say goodbye to long queues at the exchange house and keep more of your hard earned cash, for you.

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Managing Your Money is Simple

Get Paid

Get your salary or other money paid directly into your account and get notified when a payment arrives.

Send Money

Send money quickly and easily to your friends and family back home through Bank Transfer or Cash Pick-Up.

NOW Money Visa Card

Spend Money

Use your contactless VISA card to buy things online and in shops.

Top-Up Your Phone

Stay connected, recharge your own phone and your loved ones’ too with free local and international top ups.

Instant Balance

Check how much you have in your account and track your spending whenever and wherever you are.

Value Packed Subscriptions

Enjoy features such as free remittances and free lost card replacement, included in your subscription.

Rafiq's Story

Rafiq, a 26-year-old cleaner from Bangladesh, has been working in Sharjah for the last two years. 

Working hard to earn 1200 dirhams per month, Rafiq is motivated by his family in Bangladesh, especially his sick father who is undergoing hospital treatment. 

Every month, through the NOW Money app, Rafiq diligently sends a portion of his earnings back home to support his father’s medical expenses. The app allows him to make fast and secure transactions, ensuring that his family receives the much-needed financial support.

NOW Money also helps Rafiq to connect with his parents each week through the in-built mobile recharge feature, so he can spend more of his free time making calls rather than seeking top-ups. Despite the miles that separate them, Rafiq feels closer to his sick father, offering words of comfort through these precious virtual connections.

Asad's Story

Asad is a 40-year-old from Pakistan, currently working in construction in Dubai. 

He lives humbly and shares a room with other workers so that he can support his family back home as much as possible. 

With NOW Money Essential package, Asad gets paid directly into his own digital bank account. Using the app in his own language, he can quickly and easily send money to his family in Pakistan as soon as he gets paid. 

Having NOW Money also allows Asad to store his money safely in his digital bank account rather than keep his cash in his shared room. He can check how much he has in his account at any time, so he can manage his budget through to his next payday.

After sending money home, Asad can relax with his roommates, comforted that he has been able to support his family through his hard work and careful budgeting.

Vikram's Story

Vikram, a 32-year-old chef from India, works in Ras al Khaimah. He earns 2900 dirhams monthly and lives in the hotel’s staff accommodation.

Every dirham is crucial to Vikram. He works seven days a week to secure a promising future for his two young children in India, sending money back home to support their schooling.

The NOW Money Premier package supports Vikram’s goal. With four free remittances per month, he sends money regularly to his family money whenever his children require funds for school or for other urgent needs.

For Vikram, NOW Money supports life as a chef in Ras al Khaimah; but more importantly, supports his role as a dedicated father, working hard to provide a better future for his beloved children in India.

Love the now money app ... easy to send money with in 10 minute ...professional service. thanks now money team.

Ashok SharmaGoogle Play Review

The is good I like because mobile recharge and transfer money and any time show exchange rate.

Salmanalikpk20Google Play Review

Good service so far very helpfull support team and app interface is just easy even a child could operate it and i mean it. 5 stars.

Ahsan MirzaGoogle Play Review

Ever since I downloaded this application from Google play.i have saved time . I no longer move physically to Exchanges. It easy, fast and safe. Not forgetting affordable charges.

Tumushangireho BensonGoogle Play Review

Frequently asked questions

How do I get a Now Money Mobile Bank account?

We work with employers who transfer the salaries of their employees into a NOW Money Mobile Bank account. To get an account, your employer must use the NOW Money Payroll solution.

How much does it cost?

NOW Money provides value through four distinct subscription options, starting at just AED 3.75 + VAT: Essential, Priority, Premier, and Platinum.

Get in touch with us to know more: Request a Demo

How do I access my account and activate my new card?

The NOW Money team will be on hand to help you download the mobile app, register as a Mobile Bank user and activate your VISA card.

You’ll need to have your Emirates ID (EID) and be ready to record a selfie video for identification purposes.

Our team will walk you through each step.

Can I withdraw cash at an ATM?

Yes. Your withdrawal limits can range from 1 free withdrawal per month to unlimited, depending on your subscription. However, we invite you to use the VISA cards and the Mobile Bank app as they offer both security and convenience.

Is there a cost to recharge my mobile?

There is no cost to you other than the credit bundle or data plan you buy.

What if I misplace my VISA card?

Don’t panic. You can temporarily freeze your card in the app while you search for it. You can then unfreeze the card when you find it, or request a new one if your card is lost or stolen. A new card will be sent to you within 48 hours.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

Immediately report your card as lost or stolen in the app or on the toll-free number

800 669 66639. A new card will be sent to you within 2-4 working days.

How do I change my personal details in the app?

You can change your password or mobile number using the NOW Money App, but you will need your Emirates ID for verification. Additionally, you can change your PIN and instantly freeze/unfreeze your card if you misplace it.

To update your Emirates ID, access the settings located at the bottom of the App home page. Go to the Accounts section, where you will find the option to update your Emirates ID.

What if I need help?

We have a toll-free number 800 669 66639 that you can call for support. Our customer service is available 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm.

What languages does NOW Money support?

Our Mobile Bank app and our Customer Care Team offer support in up to ten languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Urdu, Tagalog, Nepali, Bangla, Swahili and Arabic.

If you want to learn more about managing your money, visit our Financial Wellbeing Resource Hub.

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