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Financial Inclusion

The first step in financial inclusion is access to a transactional bank account. You can help.

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Cover Image Largest Remittance Countries (2023) Where UAE Residents are Sending Their Money
Financial Inclusion

Largest Remittance Countries: Where UAE Residents are Sending Their Money

Sending money back home is a key part of life for many UAE residents, which…
mobile banking ux
Financial Inclusion

How This Personalised Mobile Banking UX Supports Financial Inclusion

True financial inclusion requires that people actually use the mobile banking apps they open. NOW…
Migrant workers on a worksite.
Financial Inclusion

How GCC Government Schemes for Financial Inclusion Are Spurring Fintech Future

Financial inclusion is crucial to reducing inequality and increasing economic growth. Consequently, GCC governments have…
Six female workers stand in a row, looking towards camera.
Financial Inclusion

How to Measure Financial Inclusion of your Workforce

Financial inclusion is a global concern. It feels very much like it should be the…
A NOW Money worker is talking with 6 migrant workers, all dressed in uniform.
Financial Inclusion

Banking the Unbanked: The Mission to Provide Equitable Bank Access

Unbanked migrants face various challenges in the GCC, including the stress and high cost of…
Five women in an office environment, dressed in casual clothing. The women are smiling and laughing.
Financial Inclusion

Why is Digital Finance Important to Financial Inclusion?

Financial inclusion gives people access to services and support to better manage their money and…
Two women and a man are talking. The man is holding a mobile phone, demonstrating how to use the NOW Money digital banking app.
Financial Inclusion

Why is Financial Inclusion Important in the Developing World?

Most of us have likely had access to a bank account and education on financial…
Financial Inclusion

Women’s Economic Empowerment and Financial Inclusion

There are currently over 8.1 million people living in the world today. Over half of…
why is financial literacy important
Financial Inclusion

7 Reasons Why Financial Literacy is Important for People in the GCC

Individuals, governments, and companies must invest more in financial literacy because it is essential to…
A family of four looking towards the camera and smiling.
Financial Inclusion

Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals

Created by The United Nations, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are “the blueprint to…
A man is photographed in quarter profile. He is facing the camera and smiling.
Financial Inclusion

What is financial literacy and how can you develop it?

Financial literacy enables people to make informed decisions about money. It helps you understand things…
A female migrant worker
Financial InclusionNOW Money blog

How Becoming a Cashless Society can Boost Financial Inclusion – and how employers can help

The world is increasingly moving towards a cashless society, with an increase in digital transactions.…