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Wage Protection System

How to Check the WPS Status of Companies (And Why You Should Bother)

Employers, employees, and potential employees should check the WPS status of a company to confirm…
Payroll Management

Demystifying Payroll Cycles: A Step-by-Step Guide for HR Professionals

Understanding and mastering the payroll cycle is important for employers that want a payroll system…
what is wps in uae
Payroll ManagementWage Protection System

What is WPS in the UAE: All You Need To Know About The Wage Protection System (2023)

While the UAE’s Wage Protection System (WPS) has been an important part of the country’s…
international money transfer
International Money Transfers

Make Low-Cost International Money Transfers From the UAE with NOW Money

Millions of foreign workers send billions of dirham from the United Arab Emirates to other…
International Money Transfers

How to Help Your Family Financially From the UAE

You can best help your family financially by keeping your finances in order, sending them…
Payroll Management

8 Practical Payroll Strategies That Can Improve Efficiency Right Away

By streamlining and simplifying payroll processing, organisations can improve its accuracy and efficiency. Today, a…
why is financial literacy important
Financial Inclusion

7 Reasons Why Financial Literacy is Important for People in the GCC

Individuals, governments, and companies must invest more in financial literacy because it is essential to…
UAE Culture

Making the Most of Ramadan: 10 Best Activities to Brighten Up the Holy Month This Year

A comprehensive guide on the dos and don’ts of how to celebrate Ramadan (never turn…
how does mobile money transfer work
Mobile Banking

How Do Mobile Money Transfers Work: All You Need To Know

Mobile money allows people without traditional bank accounts to access a wide range of financial…
NOW Money blog

The Changing Narrative of Filipinos in Dubai: Salary Hikes, Top Sector Work, and Investments

Armed with higher pay, new financial know-how, and an enviable work ethic, OFWs in Dubai…
Payroll ManagementWage Protection System

Most Private Sector Workers Need a WPS Salary: Here’s What Employers Need to Know

Today, there are no ways around it – failure to comply with WPS regulations regarding…
International Money Transfers

Sending Money Home Shouldn’t Be Hard: Here Are 5 Options to Consider

While earning your salary is hard work, learning how to send money internationally back to…