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how does diversity impact employee retention
Human Resources

How Does Diversity Impact Employee Retention? The Benefits of Inclusive Workplaces

As research shows, managers that want to improve employee retention must first learn how to…
importance of payroll software
Payroll Management

The Importance of Payroll Software in the UAE: Benefits for Employers and Employees

Trends defining today’s payroll management require that companies embrace cloud-based payroll software and ditch manual…
Human Resources

How UAE Businesses Can Support UN Sustainable Development Goals

Regardless of size, every business can easily contribute to the accomplishment of the UN’s Sustainable…
Government schemes for financial inclusion
Mobile BankingPayroll Management

How GCC Government Schemes for Financial Inclusion Are Spurring Fintech Future

Financial inclusion is crucial to reducing inequality and increasing economic growth. Consequently, GCC governments have…
human resource management quotes
Human Resources

20 Most Inspiring Human Resource Management Quotes

Learning from the wisdom of other successful HR professionals and business owners can help make…
benefits of work-life balance for employees
Human ResourcesNOW Money blog

5 Benefits of a Healthy Work-Life Balance for Employees and Employers

Providing a good work-life balance is crucial to the happiness and wellbeing of employees, and…
mobile banking ux
Mobile Banking

How This Personalised Mobile Banking UX Supports Financial Inclusion

True financial inclusion requires that people actually use the mobile banking apps they open. NOW…
wps payroll card
Mobile Banking

Not Just Another Payroll Card: Paying WPS Salaries to Free Mobile Bank Accounts

Payroll cards have been integral to the wage protection system (WPS) in the UAE, but…
how to create a happy workplace
Human Resources

15 Best Ways to Create a Happy Workplace for Your Employees

Creating a happy workplace should be a top priority for any management team because higher…
how to manage mental health in the workplace
Human Resources

8 Ways to Effectively Manage Mental Health in the Workplace

Studies consistently show that improved mental health in the workplace is directly connected to employees’…
benefits of mobile banking
Mobile Banking

6 Benefits of Mobile Banking for Employers, Workers and Society

In the collective mission to increase financial inclusion, understanding the numerous benefits of mobile banking…
types of employment discrimination
Human Resources

9 Common Types of Employment Discrimination in the Workplace

Unjust discrimination in the hiring, firing, promoting, and training process can lead to an unproductive…