Over 5000 employees

Simple and efficient payroll that boosts company productivity

Reduce company costs and increase your employees’ productivity with the digital payroll and accounts service that puts you in control.

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Fully supported simple switching process

Our team will help you to get set up and move everything over to NOW Money. Moving your payroll to us is fast and painless with no complex contracts required.

Simple, fast and easy digital payroll system

Our digital service puts you in control of payroll and expenses. Easily manage your employees’ payments. A complete overview in one place. Save time, money, and energy on payroll processing.

In-house training and onboarding service

We come to you to fully onboard you and your employees to the service. We set everything up for you. Our team is then available to provide training and support, whenever you need it.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

Our zero company fees model reduces your monthly operational costs. The efficiency that our service creates frees time up for more important tasks.

Safe and secure for you and your employees

Your safety and security is our highest priority. Transactions between you and your employees are encrypted to the same secure levels as banks.

Real support when you need it most

Our model incentivises us to provide the best support to our customers. You will be able to reach us 24/7 whenever you need us. You’ll speak to real people who will give you the support you need.

Low, transparent pricing

Our business model is different. We don’t make money by directly charging our customers or users. Which means we can keep costs minimal and always transparent.

Free to use for your business

  • No fees required to get started
  • No monthly ‘per user’ fees
  • Only charge is 0.5 dirhams per WPS record

– Only applicable to companies that process WPS
– Charged by the Ministry of Labour, not us

We are committed to

  • Your employees keeping all of their hard-earned salary
  • No hidden charges for you, or for your employees
  • Giving you the exceptional customer service you deserve
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Good service so far very helpful support team and app interface is just easy even a child could operate it and I mean it. 5 stars.

A NOW Money account holder


  • Super-easy salary processing
  • Zero fees reduce monthly operational costs
  • Painless switch with onboarding support
  • Complete transparency throughout
  • 24/7 support from our team

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People like you want to know

NOW Money will only charge for the WPS payment, which is 50fils per employee. There are no hidden charges for our service provided to you or your employees.
"We provide a range of services for employees and corproates:
- A digital portal for corporates for payroll services
- A mobile application for employees"
NOW Money will handle the delivery of the cards for your employees. We will make sure that all employees will get onsite training on the NOW Money app so that they are aware of the product and what is available to them. We will also help set up all your employees accounts and active their cards with them.
Firstly – it’s free! But if you need more convincing you should know that NOW Money makes it easy to pay employees and individuals, and gives them access to accounts and banking in the UAE - often for the first time. NOW Money customers benefit from a remittance marketplace, meaning they can transfer money back to their families using the cheapest and/or most convenient choice for them.