Under 200 employees

Simple payroll that works for you and your employees

Digital payroll and accounts service that makes your job easier and gives your employees easy access to the financial services they need.

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Getting started with us is quick and easy

We’ve made it easy to sign up to NOW Money with no complex contracts required. Moving your payroll over to us is fast and painless.

Easily manage your employees’ pay and expenses

Manage your employees’ payments and expenses online. Automated upload and scheduling. A complete overview in one place gives you control and peace of mind.

Pay directly into your employees’ mobile accounts, fast

Process all salaries in under 10 minutes. Instantly disburse pay directly into employees’ accounts. Notifications let employees know when their money has arrived, meaning less hassle around payday.

A much better deal for your employees – no hidden charges

Easy-to-use mobile account app and contactless debit card. NOW2NOW transfers. Mobile recharge. All with no hidden charges. We earn our money through suppliers, not through your employees.

Your employees can send money home instantly

Mobile account app is available in 10 languages and includes international money transfer with the best rates. It is very user-friendly – it is the fastest, safest way for them to send money home.

Real support when you need it most

Our model incentivises us to provide the best support to our customers. You will be able to reach us 24/7 whenever you need us. You’ll speak to real people who will give you the support you need.

Low, transparent pricing

Our business model is different. We don’t make money by directly charging our customers or users. Which means we can keep costs minimal and always transparent.

Free to use for your business

  • No fees required to get started
  • No monthly ‘per user’ fees
  • Only charge is 0.5 dirhams per WPS record

– Only applicable to companies that process WPS
– Charged by the Ministry of Labour, not us

We are committed to

  • Your employees keeping all of their hard-earned salary
  • No hidden charges for you, or for your employees
  • Giving you the exceptional customer service you deserve
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  • No payment required

The app is very user friendly and so is the NOW Money team.

A NOW Money account holder


  • See your balance and transactions in the app
  • Free account with no minimum balance
  • No more queueing at the ATM or exchange house
  • Send money in minutes from your phone
  • Fast processing of salaries with no delays

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  • No payment required

People like you want to know

There are no charges for using the NOW Money application or card. We clearly show charges for money transfers and other services on our application. These are the only charges that employees willl have.
Our headquarters are in Dubai, UAE, however we are currently expanding across GCC countries.
It is completely free for companies.
Transferring money abroad has never been easier. The app has a remittance marketplace where account holders can choose from a whole host of FX partners, and hundreds of payout partners across the world. The whole transaction takes just a few minutes to complete and the process is completed from start to finish using a smartphone.