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Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the International Financial Centre in Abu Dhabi, is pleased to approve its first batch of FinTech Regulatory Laboratory (Reglab) participants comprising 5 local and international FinTech startups with various innovation offerings.The ADGM Reglab is the first of such FinTech regulatory sandbox and framework in the MENA region.  The successful 5 participants, which were selected from a pool of 11 applications, are now registered with the ADGM Reglab programme to further develop and test their FinTech innovation.

“We are pleased to welcome our first group of Reglab participants who have successfully demonstrated their understanding of the market needs with their transformational solutions. We will support our Reglab participants to focus on sharpening their solutions while leaning on ADGM and its partners to take them through the develop-test-and-implement journey.This is also a valuable journey for ADGM and the region as we guide the very first team of FinTech companies through the regulatory environment to realise their innovations,” said Mr Richard Teng, Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of ADGM.

Mr Teng added, “We are opening the 2nd batch of applications with effect on 16 May and this is in response to positive feedback and encouragement from FinTech startups and industry.The application period will close on 31 July and we welcome local and international FinTech participants and businesses to pitch their solutions and be part of ADGM RegLab.”

The 5 ADGM Reglab participants offer a range of innovations from data analytics for creditrisk assessments, robo-advisory, artificial intelligence in digital ID, to solutions that promotes financial inclusion among the unbanked, and digital services that enhances operational risk management.They will receive dedicated regulatory guidance by the ADGM FinTech team and in addition,focused mentorship and support by ADGM FinTech ecosystem partners.They are :-

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Now Money: NOW uses mobile technology to improve the lives of low income migrant workers in the UAE. They help workers access banking and remittance services, otherwise out of reach, for the first time providing them with direct access to an account, debit card and remittance directly from their proprietary NOW Money smartphone app and service centre.

Titanium Escrow: Titanium Escrow is an automated escrow service that aims to increase trust in counterparties, stabilize the cash cycle for small businesses, and enhance welfare for small businesses and consumers.


CapitaWorld: CapitaWorld is a one-stop digital platform that automates the entire loan value chain from loan application to credit appraisal and post-disbursement credit monitoring. Rather than needing to physically visit multiple banks to apply for a loan, the CapitaWorld platform allows a borrower to submit his loan application just once online, and its platform will use analytics to carry out verification and credit risk scoring. It will then match the borrower with multiple banks that have signed onto the platform and whose credit risk appetite matches the borrower’s profile.

Rubique: Rubique is an online platform that connects banks and fund seekers/borrowers through smart financing processes, and empowers individuals & SMEs with an easy access to finance through a range of loan & credit card products. The platform attempts to bridge the gap between lenders and borrowers through a wide range of capital financing options.

The United States of America

Finalytix : Finalytix is a robo-advisory platform which assists clients to grow their wealth, mitigate risks, realise savings, optimise holdings and identify superior products and new investment opportunities.

The 2nd batch of ADGM Reglab applications will open from 16 May 2017 and closes on 31 July 2017.

ADGM is the first in the MENA region to have a “live” FinTech regulatory regime and first regulatory laboratory (Reglab). The ADGM Reglab is a tailored regulatory regime for FinTech participants. It is designed to foster innovation within the UAE financial services market for both new market entrants and existing financial institutions.By taking into account the unique business model and risks of the Fintech participant and customising the test boundaries and regulatory requirements accordingly, the RegLab allows the participant to develop and test its FinTech proposition in a safe environment while not putting undue regulatory burden on the participant.  As the first of such initiative in the region, ADGM’s RegLab authorises FinTech participants for a period of up to two years to develop and test their FinTech proposition.

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